Genotype and phenotype probabilities with a monohybrid cross questions

A plant species has two alleles for seed shape: Flat (F) and round (f). The Flat (F) allele exhibits complete dominance. Click on the Punnett Square showing the combination that could produce offspring with 100% recessive phenotype.

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Each genotype shown in the Punnett Square has a 25% chance of occuring. If the same genotype appears in more than one square, the probabilites are added:
1 square = 25% probability
2 squares = 50% probability
3 squares = 75% probability
If the same genetype appears in all 4 boxes, 100% of the offspring will have that genotype.

Phenotypes probabilities depend on the type of dominance. If the dominant allele exhibits complete dominance, the pheonotype probabilites are the same as the genotype probabilities. If dominance is incomplete, heterozygous individuals will have the intermediate phenotype.

Of course, due to the laws of probabiliites actual data will vary from the expected values by some amount.

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