All of the content on SciencePrimer.com and the YouTube SciencePrimer channel is created by me: Andrew staroscik.  

The site began as a repository for problem sets, illustrations and short videos I created to help students in my classes. The first thing I posted was a version of the types of waves illustration. It remains one of my favorites. The SciencePrimer logo is a surface wave*.

The motivation for early work was my own classroom experience. The material covered reflects the subjects I've taught over the past few years: general science, physics, oceanography, biology and genetics*

I am not actively teaching, but I continue to maintain the site and post new material as time allows. Some newer content is based on ideas I outlined while still teaching. I am also doing more collaborative work. Two of the most popular pages on the site (Punnett Square Calculator and Lunar and Solar Tides) were heavily influenced by readers. These collaborative efforts are very rewarding. I love user input. Use the site contact form to send me ideas.

I am active on twitter as @andrewstaroscik. The @scienceprimer account is primarily used to announce new content. 

Ads on the site help cover the hosting costs. You can support the site by making a donation at our ko-fi page, by buying a mug or t-shirt from the  SciencePrimer.com cafepress store (the wave mug is my favorite). 

Another way you can help the site is by linking to it from other sites and/or mentioning it on social media. Most visitors find the site through search engines. Over time links and mentions make a meaningful difference in the sites ranking.