Alternative ellipse code

A recent comment on the drawing ovals in javascript post by Maurício provided an ellipse drawing function for drawing ellipses based on the radius of the shapes greater semi-axis and its eccentricity.

Here is an interactive version of the code. Thanks Mauricio!

Draw an oval in html5 canvas

The JavaScript canvas element does not have a native method for drawing ovals (ellipses).

Drawing circles in a JavaScript HTML5 Canvas element

The arc() method is the native way to draw circles in a canvas element.  The method takes 6 parameters:

cxt.arc(x, y, radius, start, end, direction)

Bezier and quadratic curves in HTML5 canvas elements

bezier loopHTML5 canvas elements are used to draw the illustrations on this site.  These elements have a number of methods for drawing shapes and lines.  Lines can be defined using three methods

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