Tides draft V1

Draft of an illustration to explore the influence of the sun and moon on the Earth's tides. The illustration will explore how interactions between solar and lunar tidal components cause daily and monthly tidal height patterns.

UPDATE: Final illustration posted - Lunar and Solar Tides

The illustration will show a rotating Earth, the moon orbiting the Earth and an arrow indicating the sun's position. The Earth will rotates around its axis ever 24 hours. The moon will complete a full orbit of the Earth roughly once every 28 days (a lunar month).
Status V 1.0
  • The Earth is rotating in the middle of the view.
  • The Earth's orientation with the sun is indicated by a yellow arrow pointing out of view to the right.
  • The left side of the Earth is shaded, indicating it is night time on that side of the planet.
  • The moon is shown at the top of the view (not yet orbiting).
  • The side of the moon away from the sun is also shaded
  • A red dot on the earth shows the position of an observer.
  • Tidal height at the red dot will be shown in a graph.
  • There is space at the bottom for the graph
Next Steps
  • Make the moon rotate around the earth once every lunar month
  • Draw the lines around the Earth that indicate the solar and lunar tidal bulges
  • Edit the Earth image to make the red observer dot easier to see