Development Updates

Punnett Square Calculator Illustration posted

Multi-trait Punnett Square

Javascript code to convert light wavelength to color

In the electromagnetic spectrum illustration and light color, frequency and wavelength post, I needed to calculate color from wavelength value. I tried a few different approaches but finally settled on a modified version of some widely cited FORTRAN code for determining RGB values.

Bohr atom interactive illustration posted

The Bohr model of the atom, developed in the early twentieth century, was an attempt to explain observations about the way atoms and electrons absorb, retain and release energy.

Light Color, Frequency and Wavelength Illustration

Beginning work on an illustration covering the relationship between the frequency

Nucleotides in RNA content posted

A new illustration, problem set and video combination has been posted covering RNA nucleotides

Draw an oval in html5 canvas

The JavaScript canvas element does not have a native method for drawing ovals (ellipses).

Final tide illustration posted

Tides cause daily changes in water level in many coastal areas. Factors such as local topography and weather contribute to the timing and height of tides, but the primary reason for tides is the gravitational attraction between liquid water on the Earth and the Moon. All objects on Earth experience tidal forces.

Drawing circles in a JavaScript HTML5 Canvas element

The arc() method is the native way to draw circles in a canvas element.  The method takes 6 parameters:

cxt.arc(x, y, radius, start, end, direction)