Development Updates

Checkout the Buoyancy II Illustration rewrite

The Buoyancy II illustration has been rewritten and no longer needs a java plugin to run.


Genetic drift and natural selection content added

Check out the new genetic drift

Alternative ellipse code

A recent comment on the drawing ovals in javascript post by Maurício provided an ellipse drawing function for drawing ellipses based on the radius of the shapes greater semi-axis and its eccentricity.

Here is an interactive version of the code. Thanks Mauricio!

Text in HTML5 canvas

interactive text canvas

html5 canvas element has a robust set of methods for rendering text. This functionality is accessed by calling methods of the canvas context object.

The basic syntax is:

context.fillText("text", x, y);

Not Gay-Lussac's Law

Crushing a can by heating it, sealing it and cooling it rapidly is an excellent demonstration of the existance of atmospheric pressure. Many youtube videos describe the crushed can as an illustration of either Charles' Law or Gay-Lussac's Law. I don't agree.