Flower petal patterns - proof of concept

An interactive canvas based on the flowers used in the genotype/phenotype illustrations.

The flower starts with four petals in a single whorl around the center. The sliders at the bottom allow the number of whorls and the number of petals per whorl to be altered. I did not have a specific genetic basis in mind when I developed the illustration, but the ability to independently control two factors illustrates how small iterative changes create meaningful structural variability.

About the flower
  • The range of petals per whorl is 4 to 16
  • The number of whorls around the center of the flower is 1 to 20
  • To get the pattern, each whorl is ofset from the previous one and slightly smaller
  • Other parameters that could be adjusted are petal shape, petal size, the amount the each whorl is offset from the previous one and the rate at which the petals shrink
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