DNA template nmol dilution using stock solutions quantified in ng

Converting concentration*s from ng/μl to nM is a common task in molecular biology labs. The need arises because quantification methods for DNA typically measure the mass* per volume* of nucleotides* in a sample. But, many techniques (including DNA sequencing) require a known number of molecules (moles or nanomoles) to be added. As a result, we often have to convert a concentration measured in ng/μl into nM and then perform a dilution to create a solution containing the desired number of nanomoles.

This calculator determines the dilutions needed to obtain target template concentrations in nM from samples whose length in base pairs (bp) and concentration in ng/μl is known.

Multiple samples
  • Enter a short name (or abbreviation), the number of samples, the target concentration and target volume in the fields provided
  • Click 'Generate Table' to create a table with the desired number of samples.
  • Once the table is created, enter the template concentration (in ng/μl) and length of each sample in the fields provided. The table will update as data is entered.
  • Clicking 'Generate Table' again will clear the old table an create a new one.
  • A pdf can be created using the 'create PDF' button.
Table Information:
  • Name (or abbr):
  • Number of samples (1 to 20):
  • Target Concentration (nM):
  • Target Volume (μl):
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